Mid-Ohio Resources

Mid-Ohio Resources, Bellville sand and gravel operation began as a greenfield site in 2006. The site contains approximately 191 permitted acres, which yields an estimated 30-50 years of validated sand/gravel reserves. This state-of-the-art production operation is designed and engineered with the goals of providing maximum efficiency, maximum production flexibility, and minimum maintenance over the life of the mine. The plant is designed with vertical architecture, employing a "Fraction Blending" capability. Fed by a dredging operation to the plant, the screen media is sized to deliver standard particle size gravel; #304, #57, #8, #9, concrete and mason sand. The operator can further blend sizes in order to custom tailor gradations for the customer's specific application.

Customers trucks are loaded from stockpiles with a loader equipped with a payloader control system with wireless link to an automated ticketing system. Trucks come and go from the plant, passing over in and out electronic scales, outfitted with fully automated, electronic access card readers, for ticketing, billing and printing of scale tickets.

The plant is operated with four employees that strive to fulfill the company mission statement; Serve customers with excellence - Manage resources with diligence - Build team members with care - Honor Jesus Christ in all that we do.

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